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Frequently asked questions


Can I trust ExtraVault with my samples?

Cryo-Cell has stored and distributed samples for clinical use for over 3 decades. Cryo-Cell's experienced staff, facility validations and SOPs can assure you that your samples are safe at ExtraVault. 

What if I just want to have my freezers stored at ExtraVault?

ExtraVault can store individual samples or your entire freezers in a cost-effective manner.

How do I get my freezers to ExtraVault?

There are multiple ways: ExtraVault has their own Freezer Transport Trucks, or we can set the shipment up with a third party or you can arrange it yourself.

Is it expensive to store at ExtraVault?

No! ExtraVault offers among the most competitive pricing packages available. Please call 1-855-482-1974 for prices.